Endpoint Security ServiceSecureLinQ has an approach to Cybersecurity work that makes sense, and it saves our clients time and money. It starts with an security assessment and ends in measurable results that are continuously put under a microscope. This data is then used to adjust our approach and ensure you a better ROI.

Along the way your needs and environment will change. When it does, we’ll be there, with you, to re-evaluate and start this process over again to make sure you’re protected.

It not just about selecting and implementing a solid cybersecurity technology. You must address the People and Process as well to ensure a full functional, seamless that actually protects your organization.

People, Process, and Technology. If you don’t take all 3 into account, you won’t be successful implementing a cybersecurity solution.

SecureLinQ begins the process with a deep dive into your organization’s Cybersecurity needs. An intimate understanding of your Cybersecurity goals, rules and success metrics is the critical foundation for a symbiotic partnership. Phone calls, an on-line assessment tool and on-site meetings (if necessary) are all used to complete this step.

SecureLinQ’s strategy and creative approach is built with the best IT Cybersecurity value in mind. We take an integrative approach, examining your acquisition cost, IT security and overall Cybersecurity needs. All relevant resources are utilized in this effort, from our VP of Services, to Chief Technical Officer. This diverse group creates and delivers a plan for your success.

When the blueprints to meeting your Cybersecurity goals have been finished, we begin to build an implementation strategy, and overall plan. The understanding of how best to deploy our solution is addressed, down to the details of the day to day reporting and continual threat protection.

Even the best Cybersecurity solutions and technology won’t succeed in meeting your goals without proper support. SecureLinQ provides state of the art support and response strategies that include implementing, optimization, and/or making adjustments as needed along the way. Our focus is your Cybersecurity goals, and our support strategies align to ensure we meet them.

Effective Cybersecurity tools drive success. After the plan is implemented we don’t walk away from our partnership with you. We report on your threats, number of devices protected, and various other metrics that matter to you most. We provide reporting on a time-frame that meets your needs (weekly, monthly or quarterly). This meaningful data is critical to our clients’ success and aids with demonstrating our value to your organization.