Core Services: Endpoint Protection

  • Continuously protects the endpoint without disrupting the end-user

  • Use machine learning threat detection to uncover threats that would otherwise be difficult to identify using behavior rules

  • Eradicate current threats and safeguard against future ones

  • Easily search endpoints for suspicious/malicious activity to uncover hidden threats

  • Understand how attacks entered the environment so root cause can be determined and permanent fix can be applied

  • Customize automated response actions to minimize the risk of a widespread incident

  • View key performance indicators and dashboards to track and report on your organization’s security posture

Additional Services

Email Threat Protection

  • Scan all incoming and outgoing email to eliminate threats before reaching end users, including viruses, worms, malicious file attachments and other junk mail

  • Stop the spread of viruses and malicious activity via email both internally and externally.

  • Prevent widespread security breech and protect corporate reputation.

Web Content Filtering

  • Restrict Access – Scan all web traffic for potentially malicious websites, URL and DNS re-directs, and security threats

  • Defense Against Phishing. Allows email recipients to recognize you as a trusted source

  • Automatic, Real Time updated blacklists and URIBL/SURBL filters for greater protection.  This prevents damage from Phishing attacks

Cyber Security Awareness Training

  • Dark web breach assessmens

  • Ongoing user training

  • Simulated phishing attacks

  • Employee awareness score

  • Weekly tips and training videos